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The desire to create and improve the products for everyday use, to meet not only functional requirements but also aesthetic criteria, has always been present in the human society. As the demand for the unique, perfectly designed products grew, some crafts became specific types of arts. In the region of the famous Czech china factories, the skills of manual production of top-notch porcelain have passed from generation to generation for over 200 years. And the studio Atelier JM Lesov follows up on this tradition.

Atelier JM Lesov is located in the very heart of the porcelain region, in Lesov near Carlsbad. Until 2011, the studio was part of the largest domestic china manufacturer THUN 1794, as its development center, the products of which bear the brand Thun Studio. This brand is now used by Atelier JM Lesov, an independent manufacture since 2012. The manufacture’s mission is to maintain and develop the traditional manual art production of the luxurious china. Most emphasis is put into the top quality of the white porcelain matter and its processing, original design and demanding decoration techniques, including etching, cobalt painting, and precise manual gilding or platinizing.

Atelier JM Lesov cooperates with renowned artists, whose artworks are converted to the final designs by experienced pattern makers.

The porcelain is manually spun, cast into forms, and glazed. These traditional manual production techniques enable the manufacturers to create extraordinarily complex shapes. Another highly demanding technique, in both technological and craftsmanship terms, is the combination of porcelain with metallic or crystal components.

Atelier JM Lesov focuses on the manual production of exclusive sets of table porcelain. In addition, the studio specializes in design and production of luxurious tea and coffee sets, “friends’ sets”, and other unique designer’s pieces, which are attractive as presents, and will satisfy even a demanding collector. Upon clients’ request, the studio creates original decorations, and adds initials, dedications or state emblems/arms to their design.

The traditional craftsmanship, creativity and innovations, together with the top customer service, are the greatest wealth of the masters at Atelier JM Lesov.

We wish you many beautiful experiences with the products of Atelier JM Lesov!

Alena Kratinová
Studio Director

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1901 - Launch of production

foundation of the porcelain factory in Lesov near Carlsbad

1958 - 2011 Development center and Thun Studio

factory part of Karlovy Vary porcelain / Thun 1794 as a development studio for new shapes

2012 - Independent Atelier JM Lesov/Thun Studio

separate factory with a new name Atelier JM Lesov / Studio Thun and focus on handicraft production of artistic luxury porcelain

Development center in Lesov